When should I use a Property Group?

Property Groups are best used where you need a top-level accounting for a collection of properties (or units). Typically they are used for Apartment Complexes or n-plexes where you have common maintenance and other expenses that apply to the whole group and not just an individual unit.

How do I create a Property Group (aka Apartment Complex)?

To create a property group you will first need to add the Owner for the group (see How to add an Owner). Once the Owner record has been created go to Properties > Property Groups. From there, click New Group.

See How to create a Property Group for more details.

What is special about the accounting for Property Groups?

The accounting for all the properties (or units) is summed up to the group level. All owner draws and owner expenses are deducted from the aggregate funds for the group. However, the accounting for each lease in the group remains independent.

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