Each month when you post an Owner Draw and pay the owner their proceeds, Rentables automatically generates a statement for you. You can even have Rentables email it to the owner. Here is an overview of our monthly statements.

Statement Period

The statement period is determined automatically to cover all activity since the previous statement.

Transaction Activity

By recording everything in Rentables you can be sure that all transaction activity is reflected on the owner's statement. The numbers will always add up and are always supported by the underlying double entry ledger accounting system.

Credits (typically rent) are always shown first followed by any debits (management fees, gardener, etc).

Net Proceeds

The Net Proceeds line show the owner their income (or loss) for the period.


The Payment line show the owner exactly the amount being sent to them, as well as the payment method (check, ACH, etc) so they always know what to expect.

Outstanding Charges (optional)

The Outstanding Charges section lets the owner know if there are any pending charges. This is especially helpful in giving the owner a heads up that money will be deducted from next month's rent. The outstanding charges are pulled automatically from any unpaid charges previously entered in the system.

This section can be enabled or disabled from your Account Preferences.

Reserves (optional)

The Reserves section show the owner the balance of any reserves being held in your trust account.

This section can be enabled or disabled from your Account Preferences.

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