Rentables offers two ACH services: 

  1. Automatic Underwriting w/ Instant Approval ($5,000 monthly limit per tenant).

  2. Full Underwriting (unlimited).

If you need to accept tenant payments of more than $5,000 per tenant please contact us through the in-app messenger for pricing and an application package.

Note: Tenant Pay Online (ACH) is only available for paid accounts. Not all users or tenants will qualify.

Automatic Underwriting ($5,000 daily limit)

To get started, click Banking Automation from the settings menu. Follow the prompts and enter the required information.

You will need the follow information:

  1. Your contact information (address, etc).

  2. Your Taxpayer ID (SSN) number as an authorized signer on the bank account.

  3. Clear color copy of your driver's license (or EIN letter for business accounts).

  4. Copy of a voided check.

Manager Setup

Tenant Setup (from Tenant Portal)

Legal Name and Phone Number
For personal accounts, enter your full legal name. For business accounts, enter the company's name. Select Business if you are operating as an LLC or a Corporation. For sole proprietors and others select Personal.

Identity Verification
Banking regulations require us to verify your identity. Please enter the information requested. 

Important Note on Image Quality
Images of your ID and Voided Check must meet minimum quality requirements set by our banking partner. Please see our FAQ for more details.

Bank Account Linking
Enter your bank routing number and account number. Two (2) micro-deposits will be made on your account in 1-2 business days. Return to this screen and click Verify Account after you receive the micro-deposits.

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