Find the Lease

First locate the lease in either Active Leases or Terminated Lease. If the tenant has already moved out then the lease will be in Leases > Terminated Lease. Once you find the lease go to the Lease Details page.

Find the Deposit

Any security deposits will be list in the highlights box on the Lease Details page.

Closeout the Deposit

Click the action menu for the security deposit and select Refund/Forfeit Security Deposit.

Enter the amount to be refunded. If this is the final refund then select the "Closeout" option. Enter a note such as "Refund of security deposit balance".

Submitting the form will transfer the funds from the security deposit holding account to tenant cash.

Disburse the Tenant's Refund

From the lease action menu, select Post Lease Draw. Use this form to print a check for the tenant's refund.

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