At the end of the current Rent Cycle you will want to disburse the owner's proceeds from rent. Navigate to the Property Details page to get started.

Review Accounting

It's a good practice to review the accounting on the property prior to disbursing the owner's proceeds.

Check that all charges have been paid. The Owner Charges column should be empty on the Property Details page.

Verify everything you expect is on the Owner Ledger. Remember the statement will include all activity since the last owner draw. You can view the Owner Ledger from the Property Details page.

Verify the tenant's rent has cleared your bank. Some users skip this step because they are holding the tenant's security deposit and feel it is acceptable risk. We think it's a good practice to let funds settle before disbursing them.

Post the Owner Draw

Locate the action menu for the property owner and select Post Owner Draw.

The Post Draw form will be mostly pre-populated. You will want to verify all the information before submitting the form.

Amount - pre-populated with the owner's cash less any outstanding charges.

Payment Method - the default is check. Be sure to select "Add to Check Printing Queue" if you are using Rentables to print checks. Select "Rentables ACH" if you are using our banking automation to direct deposit the owner's proceeds.

Note - enter something to the effect of "Proceeds for Dec 2015".

Statement Note - a statement is going to be generated automatically we you submit the form. You can add a small note to the statement.

Email Statement - select this box if you would like Rentables to email the generated statement to the owner.

Review the Generated Statement

The statement can be found on the Owner Ledger. Find the Disbursed Funds line and click the link to the statement. See Owner Monthly Statements.

Sample Email Sent to Owner

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