Before you start, be sure to schedule the move out of the previous tenant.

Looking for how to raise rent? See this article.

Create a New Lease

Go to the Property Details page. Select New Lease from the Lease action menu.

Enter the tenant's contact information, lease terms, and other pertinent details.

Start and End Dates
Leases cannot overlap. You must first schedule the moveout (from lease action menu) of the previous tenant before you can enter a new lease.

Late Fee Terms
Rentables can generate late fees automatically with some basic rules. Late fees can be expressed as a percentage of the rent along with a minimum and/or maximum dollar amount. For a fixed late fee, simply enter the dollar amount as the minimum and leave the other fields blank.

The grace period is the number of days after the due date before a late fee will be assessed. Assuming rent is due on the 1st, a 0 day grace period will result in a late fee on the 2nd, a 1 day grace period will result in a late fee on the 3rd, and so on.

Documents / Attachments (Upload Lease/Rental Agreement)
For convenience you can attach (upload) scanned copies of the Rental Agreement (or other documents).

Security Deposits
Click the Add Deposit button to record a security deposit due. This is simply a shortcut for charging a security deposit. You can alway record it later.

Edit an Existing Lease

To edit an existing lease, first find the lease on the Leases tab. Then select Edit Lease Details from the action menu.

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