What is Auto Charge?

Auto Charge is a feature that automatically generates Rent and Management Fee charges each month. Seven days (by default) before the due date a charge is generated in the system. It will show as unpaid until you record payment.

Auto charge applies to Rent and Management Fees. It is enabled by default.

Why use Auto Charge?

Using Auto Charge saves you time each month. Also it insures you don't forget to charge someone and it automatically takes into account changes in management fee and/or rent increases.

See also How to setup recurring charges for things like gardening, pool service, or utilities.

Available Settings

Management Fee

Auto charge for management fees can be enabled/disabled by editing an individual property. The setting is under the Management Agreement (click the More button).


Auto charge for Rent is configured on a per Lease basis. To change the setting, edit the lease. The setting is found under Lease Terms.

Auto Charge Window

By default, the auto charge window is 7 days. This means the charges are automatically generated 7 days prior to the due day. You can change the auto charge window under Platform Settings (gear icon) > Preferences > Account Options.

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