Rentables offers a Secure Repository for storing sensitive information such as Social Security Numbers and EINs. To get started, you need to activate your Secure Repository.

  • Activate Your Secure Repository

  • Accessing Your Repository

  • Entering Taxpayer IDs

  • Recovering Your Repository

Activate Your Secure Repository

Go to Settings > Preferences and scroll to the Security section. Click the Active Secure Repository button.

Select a PIN

You will be prompted to enter a PIN. Your secure repository cannot be recovered without this PIN. Accept the terms and click the Active Secure Repository button.

One-Time Recovery Key

After activating your repository you will be presented with a recovery key. It is very important that you print this page and save it somewhere safe. We also recommend that you write your PIN on the print out. This key will be required if you ever need to recover access to your repository.

Accessing Your Secure Repository

Once activated, you will need to unlock your repository before you can access the data. From Settings select Secure Repository. Enter your PIN and your repository will be opened. Select Secure Repository again from Settings to access your repository. It will remain open until you sign out of Rentables or close it.

Entering Taxpayer IDs

Once in your repository you will have an Owner TIN and Vendor TIN page. From there you can specify the Name as it should appear in the 1099 data export and their Taxpayer ID number. For owners, you can also specify a split in cases where there are multiple owners.

Recovering Your Secure Repository

For security reasons, your Secure Repository is disabled if ever need to reset your password. To recover your repository you will need the one-time recovery key that you printed when you setup your repository.

Go to, enter your password, and the recovery key. This should allow you to regain access to your repository.

Note: It is impossible to recover your PIN. Without your PIN, the only option is to wipe your repository. You will lose all your Owner and Vendor taxpayer ID numbers.

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